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Family Owned, People Driven: Why MedStar is the best ambulance service in the area

When people think of an ambulance, they think of danger and worry. They think of pain and suffering. While those emotions may represent some of the events that happen in an ambulance, many people experience feelings of joy, safety, and comfort because of the brave people who drive and work in that ambulance. That feeling of safety is what MedStar strives to create. We want those we serve to know that they’re in good hands, and they have no need to worry.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being the best, not just in service, but in customer satisfaction and safety. Our teams work hard to make sure that we create that feeling of safety and security on every single ambulance ride, no matter how long or short it may be. We believe that being the best includes making sure every person we service walks away feeling like they were taken care of to the best of our ability.

Better people means better service

The first part of our service is our people. Every single person who works for our team is personally trained and vetted to make sure they can provide the best possible service. Even if they only provide minimal services for a few calls, we have confidence that they are putting their best foot forward.

We also train our team on caring for others. We believe our claim to best in the business is rooted in how we care for our customers, and that starts with our team. Each member of our team is the most kind-hearted person we could find for the job. We know that they will treat each and every patient with the same care they would give their family.

Finally, our owners, Nicholas and Gregory Melehov, work hard to ensure every person working for MedStar is willing and able to provide the best possible service to our clients. They mediate any issues clients might have with our service and make sure that our team is putting the best foot forward.

Strong service starts with a strong team. Nick and Greg Melehov want to make sure that our claim to be the best ambulance service in the area is demonstrated through each and every member of our team, no matter how big or small the job.

Dedicated Service

Being part of an ambulance service means a dedication to hours beyond the normal work schedule. It means taking care of patients from all walks of life, no matter the situation. Nicholas and Gregory Melehov are dedicated to providing a service that makes every patient have the warm safe feeling. We take care of each and every patient, any time of the day, as if they were family. We are the best because we are dedicated to providing quality service to every patient, no matter the situation.

Our owners and our team are dedicated to ensuring each ambulance ride is comfortable and safe. We are dedicated to improving the lives of every one of our patients, whether it’s through a spoken word or and caring hand. We’re dedicated to improving our community outside of the ambulance.

For MedStar, dedication to being the best isn’t just about service. It’s an attitude and commitment to each and every client and neighbor in our communities. Nick and Greg Melehov work tirelessly to ensure our teams meet the needs of every person we come into contact with, even for a moment. That’s what it means to be the best.


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