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Why MedStar?

Choosing an ambulance service involves asking the right questions and making sure that they understand your specific needs and has the personnel, experience, and equipment to meet those needs. Whether you’re a hospital CEO or a Municipal Emergency Services Director, your needs are unique to your town or hospital, so it’s important to look closely at the ambulance services you’re considering and choose the one best suited to meet your requirements.

ambulance-backLocally owned and operated

Locally owned and operated by a hands-on management team with decades of industry experience, MedStar is uniquely positioned to provide reliable, professional, timely, and effective service to a wide range of customers – from the area’s busiest hospitals and nursing homes to municipalities large and small.

Patients come first

Because we’re a local business, everyone at MedStar lives and works in the communities we serve. Our close, personal relationship with the region is at the heart of our commitment to patient care and comfort. Patients always come first — they could be our family, friends or neighbors. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the latest technology — we are absolutely committed to providing the best patient care possible.

Better technology, better care

We know of no other ambulance service in the region as well-equipped with the latest emergency care and communications technology. MedStar’s ambulance service has state of the art equipment with power stretchers to ensure patient comfort and safety. All our ambulances have wifi connectivity and paperless, secure record-keeping to protect patients’ privacy and provide seamless, efficient medical information transfers to physicians and healthcare facilities.

Fastest emergency response time

MedStar is able to provide rapid responses to emergencies due to our strategic placement within the communities we serve.

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