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Emergency Medical and Education Services for Massachusetts

We offer a full range of EMS, educational, and transportation services to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, including healthcare facilities, municipalities, educational and non-profit organizations, and more.

Healthcare Facilities

buildingHealthcare facilities throughout central Massachusetts depend upon us for a variety of services, including everything from non-emergency patient transportation to Advanced Life Support services. Equipped with the most advanced emergency diagnostic and communications systems, our highly-trained, experienced EMTs can act as an extension of a hospitals or emergency clinic’s medical staff to provide the most immediate and effective treatment possible and begin the process of stabilizing and preparing a patient for more comprehensive emergency room care upon arrival.

Municipal 911

We provide emergency ambulance service to communities in the Greater Worcester and Metrowest regions of Massachusetts. Our experienced personnel work closely with community emergency and law enforcement departments to provide each community with the fastest, most reliable and effective emergency service possible.

Community Event Coverage

We’re committed to helping communities keep their citizens safe – that’s why we’re always available to provide coverage at community sporting events, parades, festivals and special occasions. We coordinate all our activities with local law enforcement, fire, and emergency management personnel to ensure that each event receives the proper emergency medical coverage.

Healthcare and Safety Education

We believe that by providing access to education, better patient outcomes will result for the entire community. That’s why we provide a wide variety of emergency and safety education programs and classes to government agencies, private organizations, and schools throughout or service area, including:

  • First Aid and Advanced First Aid Courses
  • CPR Training
  • Automatic external defibrillator (AED) training
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support training
  • Emergency/disaster management training

To learn more about our programs, or to schedule one for your company or organization, contact us or call 978-466-1444.

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