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Life Support

Life Support ambulance service is provided in two categories: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support. According to MedStar owners Nicholas Melehov and Gregory Melehov, regardless of which level of life support you or a loved one may need, MedStar is the area’s leading provider of life support emergency medical and transportation services, offering:

  • The latest diagnostic and emergency medical treatment equipment
  • Advanced dispatch and communications systems to ensure the fastest response and transport to the appropriate medical facility
  • Highly trained and experienced emergency medical professionals


Our basic life support services provide the most efficient and effective treatment and transportation for patients with non-life-threatening injuries.  These may include limb fractures, soft tissue wounds with controlled bleeding, and almost any non-life-threatening illness that may need supplemental oxygen, monitoring, or mobility assistance due to the inability walk or otherwise move freely without pain.

Greg Melehov and Nick Melehov understand that advanced life support requires more sophisticated care, such as IV therapies, ventilator support, ECG monitoring, intubation, and medication administration. That’s why all of our MedStar advanced life support units are equipped with 12-lead cardiac monitors which can read CO2 levels, take blood pressure, and deliver a measured level of electricity to the heart based on the individual patient. “Our monitors can even send the 12-lead ECG strip electronically to emergency departments and doctors prior to the patient’s arrival,” states Nick Melehov.

Our advanced life support services also utilize the most dependable and reliable infusion pumps on the market today, providing the level of accuracy and durability most critical when medications are running.

Whatever level of life support you, your loved ones, or your employees may require, Nicholas and Gregory Melehov want you to know that you can count on MedStar to be there with the latest life support technologies and the most highly trained and experienced emergency medical professionals to effectively use it. Whether it’s basic life support or advanced life support, we care for each and every patient as if their life depends on it – because it often does. Contact us today to learn more about life support.

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