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Transportation for Seniors

Safe and efficient medical transportation for seniors in northern Worcester County is an important issue that MedStar takes very seriously. Owners Nicholas Melehov and Gregory Melehov have recognized that the region’s elderly population is at risk for increased medical care when transportation to hospitals and other healthcare facilities is compromised or delayed.

Nick Melehov and Greg Melehov have made transportation for seniors one of the cornerstone missions for MedStar and its staff of highly-trained and experienced emergency medical professionals. They understand the unique and specific needs of seniors with healthcare issues that can include compromised immune systems, frail bones, and diminished mental acuity.

Compounding senior health issues is confusion about who pays for ambulance transportation, which can prevent some elderly and their care providers from calling for ambulance transportation for seniors in the surrounding communities.

To clarify this and help ensure that seniors receive the proper transportation and medical care in transit, Nicholas and Gregory Melehov stress that ambulance transportation for seniors is covered in most situations by either private insurance or Medicare Part B. In fact, seniors can get Medicare-covered emergency ambulance transportation when they’ve had a sudden medical emergency and their health is in serious danger because they can’t be safely transported by other means, such as private car or taxi. Medicare states that Part B medical insurance covers ambulance services and transportation for seniors to or from a hospital, critical access hospital (CAH), or skilled nursing facility (SNF). In short, Medicare will cover and help pay for ambulance services when other transportation could endanger the senior’s health.

As a locally-owned and operated ambulance company, MedStar, as well as Nick Melehov and Greg Melehov take great pride in the prompt, courteous and state-of-the-art care provided during transportation for seniors throughout central Massachusetts.

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