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For two decades, one thing has guided MedStar Ambulance: every patient deserves to be treated as if they were a member of our family. Everyone who works at MedStar has a deeply-felt compassion for the patient – their care and comfort always come first.
As a family owned and operated business, we have never lost sight of our original mission statement, “to provide the highest quality care to the communities, facilities, and patients whom we serve.”
For some companies, that kind of statement may just be a lofty sentiment. For us, it is the very core of our business and how we manage it.

Prompt patient care, unparalleled customer service.

MedStar has always been focused on providing exceptional care to each and every patient. That’s why we handpick every member of our team, choosing only the most compassionate healthcare professionals committed to the highest levels of service and professionalism.

The result is a team of exceptionally dedicated, experienced individuals, focused on delivering outstanding care to patients, responsive support to customers, and commitment to the communities we serve.

Whether it’s for a healthcare facility, nursing home, municipal 911 service, or just people in need, our entire team’s response is the same – immediate, reliable, and efficient.


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