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Fleet Eyes: How Medical Transport Technology Helps Our Patients

Modern medical technology not only helps MedStar provide better emergency medical care to our patients, it helps us get them to an emergency medical facility faster and more efficiently.

When MedStar owners Nicholas Melehov and Gregory Melehov started MedStar ambulance service, a cornerstone of their mission philosophy was a commitment to providing the fastest, most efficient, and effective emergency medical care and transportation possible. A critical factor in being able to deliver on that commitment was the use of the latest digital technology including Fleet Eyes GPS navigational tools and medical transport management software.

According to Nick Melehov and Greg Melehov, Fleet Eyes enables MedStar dispatchers to better understand, manage, and utilize our state-of-the-art ambulances and highly trained emergency medical staff to reach, treat, and transport patients based on patient needs and closest ambulance availability. When an emergency call comes into our dispatch center, Fleet Eyes collects incident information and location to assist the dispatcher in determining the nearest resources and help ensure that the patient is transported to the nearest appropriate hospital or other emergency care facility.

As the ambulance and crew transport the patient, Fleet Eyes continues to track the resources in real-time to aid our dispatch center in alerting the ambulance to any traffic situations or events that might affect timely arrival at the hospital. Accurate transportation information is collected by Fleet Eyes and entered into our system for timely and accurate billing.

Fleet Eyes is just one more example of how MedStar utilizes the latest technological innovations to safely and effectively speed up patient care and transportation while improving our performance and level of service.


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