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Working for a privately owned ambulance company: what’s the difference?

It’s no secret than an ambulance ride can be costly. However, what many people don’t acknowledge is the quality of care provided by private ambulance services. Private ambulance services have a financial and ethical investment in every single one of their patients. Not only do they want to provide the best care, but they’ve built their business around doing so. Working for a private service is more than a commitment to your patients, it’s a commitment to a quality of service.


Interested in working for an ambulance company? Good news. Private ambulance companies are willing to give newer and less experienced EMS workers an opportunity to work amongst professionals in a healthy environment. As it can often be difficult to achieve the qualifications necessary to work as paramedic, a private ambulance service provides an excellent opportunity to learn.

While this may worry some about the quality of care received from private services, it’s quite the opposite. By training less experienced EMTs, private services ensure that these workers are taught from the ground up. Their knowledge and skills come from real world experience under direct supervision, rather than strictly from a textbook. Having a privately trained EMS worker means you’re getting the best quality care, and they’re getting the best quality training.


Unlike public ambulance services, private companies are paid when they take care of a patient. This means that as a private service, you’re committed to providing the best possible care for your patients. While every business is invested in satisfying their clients, a private ambulance company like MedStar wants to go above and beyond traditional public services. The quality of care you provide determines a patients satisfaction and future patronage.

Patients who use our service know that their care is the best we can provide. The care a patient receives can sometimes be determined by the services they require. We want to make sure that any need and any service is handled with the same level of responsibility. A private ambulance company represents a commitment to quality, and that commitment is the best part about working for MedStar.

Better Service

There’s one clear difference between the public and private ambulance sectors: a desire to go above and beyond providing better service. A private ambulance company doesn’t just take a patient to the nearest hospital, but takes them to a hospital that best fits their current needs. Every service we provide, every ride we give, we work hard to make sure we don’t just meet our patients basic needs, but that we exceed them. Working for a private service offers you the opportunity to satisfy your patients with more than just basic services. As an EMS worker, your job is to help others. Why not work for a company that allows you to take care of patients and offer them better services in addition?

Why it’s worth it

Working for a private ambulance company provides a number of benefits and opportunities. However, there’s another reason to work for MedStar. As a family owned business, we view our patients and employees as family. No matter who you are, you’re a part of our family. That’s our commitment to our clients and employees, but it’s also a commitment by our employees. That love and care we provide to our closest friends is the same we provide to our clients and fellow EMS workers. It’s not just an ideal, it’s the core of our business.

If this sounds like something that interests you, get in touch with our team. We’re always looking for new team members who are as committed to our ideals as they are to their patients.


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