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What makes MedStar the best

An ambulance service is only as useful as the people who run it. At MedStar, we’ve been a family owned and oriented business since our inception by Nicholas and Gregory Melehov. We’ve been living in our community for generations, and we’re committed to keeping that community safe. It’s not only our motto, but it’s how we run our business. That’s not all though. MedStar isn’t the best just because we’re family owned, but for many reasons beyond that.

Fastest Response Time

Due to our positioning in Massachusetts, we’re able to reach our clients in record time. Within the communities we serve, our facilities are placed to ensure we reach our patients as fast as possible. We worked hard to find the most suitable property to provide this kind of service, and it shows. Our response time isn’t just a claim, it is a guarantee. When you call MedStar you can be confident our team will be there as soon as possible.

It is not just location though. Our teams are ready around the clock for our patients. Between our placement and skill of our team, we’re the fastest responders in our area. You don’t need to worry about our team being ill-prepared or needing time to get ready. When you call, we’ll be there.

New Technology for Better Care

As medicine and technology advance, so do the machines we use to care for our patients. At MedStar, we always utilize the latest advances in medical care, no matter the cost to us. For Nick and Gregory, the quality of our service comes first. No other ambulance service in the region is nearly as well-equipped and prepared as our team. We always put patient comfort first, which is why we utilize power stretchers in all of our vehicles. That’s not all though.

Every single one of our ambulances features wi-fi connectivity so we can provide real time updates to hospitals and your family members. Additionally, every ambulance also has paper-less, completely secure record-keeping. This guarantees seamless communication and information transfer to hospitals, physicians, and health-care facilities.

All together, the technology we employ ensures an enjoyable and quality experience for our patients, while letting find new ways to address old problems.

Locally Owned, Family Operated

The Melehov family has been taking care of the medical needs of the Massachusetts for years. In that time we’ve never strayed from the values our company was founded on. Our family has always put the community first and treated them like family. Our patients are treated like our family. That has always been our creed, and always will be.

It isn’t just a matter of being family owned though. We’ve been a part of these communities for years, and know the best routes, locations, and physicians to provide you with the best care. We want you to think of us as a meaningful part of the communities we serve. The city is our home, and its people are our family.

The Best Service, When You Need It

Everything we’ve said above culminates in one simple idea: patients first. Our work isn’t just about providing care to those we service, but enriching their lives. Our owners, Nick and Greg Melehov, work around the clock to meet any and all needs as they arise. As emergency service workers, we can have a lasting and meaningful impact on those we come into contact with. We want every person who uses our services to walk away feeling not only physically, but emotionally stronger. It can be hard. There are long hours, tough situations, and it’s always easier to do the bare minimum. That’s not good enough for us. We want to go above and beyond for every patients, for any reason. If you’re in Massachusetts in one of the following communities and need a caring hand, give us a call. We’ll be there.


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