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Our Most Valuable Asset: Our Employees

There’s an old saying that a service organization’s most valuable assets walk out the door every night. That refers, of course, to employees and here at MedStar we know how true that is.

As an emergency medical care and transportation company we strive to be the very best and as a result we attract the very best emergency medical care professionals. We know how valuable they are to our organization and our patients and we like to think we have a solid history of demonstrating our employee appreciation. We know our employees are the best in the business and every year MedStar tries to find new ways to celebrate their contributions to our company and community. From our annual holiday raffle and EMS Night at The Mountain to our yearly EMS Week gifts and meals, we strive to show our people just how much we appreciate them. They deserve recognition.

This year alone we’re giving out almost two dozen life-saving awards which recognize the remarkable work our fantastic EMTs and Paramedics have done when they’ve restarted a patient’s heart after they’ve experienced cardiac arrest. As a result, those patients are able to continue a normal life, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our crews.

We, also, give out multiple field delivery awards every year to our EMTs and Paramedics who have delivered newborns in the field when a baby decides not to wait for the hospital. Every EMT and Paramedic makes a difference in someone’s life every day, just by doing what they do.

Even when they’re not saving someone’s life, our employees go above and beyond their duty for their patients every day. As individuals, their personal commitment to helping others is unmatched. As an emergency healthcare organization, MedStar appreciates everything our employees do for their patients, and we strive to recognize and reward those efforts in any way we can.

To our employees, we’d just like to say, “THANK YOU — you make a difference in people’s lives every day.”


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