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Staying on top of technology to keep you safe!

Advances in the medical world can often be life-saving, especially when it comes to technology. New machines open the door to new forms of surgery and new ways to save lives. That’s why it’s crucial for any medical service provider, whether they’re an EMT or a hospital, to have the latest in medical technology.

Some technological advancements are simply updates to existing machines, making them better and faster, but others are completely new, making it much easier to perform life-saving care on the fly. Our owners, Nicholas and Gregory Melehov, always invest funds into the latest in medical technology for exactly that purpose.

Investing to Save Lives

Many businesses cut costs when it comes to new technology or investing back into the business. They pursue profits over the health and well-being of their customers and employees. Nick and Greg Melehov don’t believe in that and always look to keep their patients happy, healthy, and safe. That’s why they invest any amount of funding into the latest technology. It’s their priority to keep you safe, rather than focus on profits.

We regularly search the market for new technology that we can put to use for the benefit of our patients. We know that the cost of these new devices can be high, so we set aside funds to ensure we can always invest in the health of our patients.

When the time is right, we will upgrade our hardware, like when we replaced all field computers with LTE Surface Pro devices for documentation purposes. We also consolidated our dispatch software and local servers into a centralized cloud platform, which connects to mobile data terminals within each ambulance for faster GPS and vehicle tracking. Upgrades like these improve response times and allow us to find and assist patients in need much faster.

Your Safety is our Priority

Nicholas and Gregory Melehov know that the value of our business is in the people we serve. They’re willing to invest any amount to make sure that we serve them to the best of our ability. We’re using programs like Zoll Respond which allow us to chat and live stream to talk to patients during priority calls.

With programs like Zoll Respond we can have better trip routes, calculate the fastest way to arrive at a destination, and much more. It’s by investing in programs like these that we can become the best EMTs in the greater MA area. We take your safety seriously, so we’re going to keep investing in the latest technology whenever possible. There are many changes to how we approach medicine, but we will never change how we take care of our patients.

Nick and Greg Melehov want to keep investing to save lives, and that will never change. Oftentimes a new system will prove to be safer for patients than an old one, so we find it’s best to regularly upgrade. Having better communication lines and data control allows us to do a better job keeping up with our patients and serving our community.

We’re always looking to improve for the sake of our patients, so you can rest assured that we’re always on top of the latest technology to improve our ability to save lives!


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