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What is the career outlook and salary of an EMT or paramedic?

Working in the Emergency Medical Services field takes a skilled hand and a dedicated worker. For many people, considering a career in Emergency Medical Services is a tough choice because they don’t know the expected career outlook or how much they might be paid. This makes deciding on a career in EMS a challenge, especially for those on the fence. However, we want to help those who might be interested in pursuing this path in understanding how to begin this career and how the future outlook for an EMT or Paramedic is developing.

Getting Started

Becoming an EMT or Paramedic is a short or long path and one that requires a lot of schooling and hands-on experience depending on your position and expertise. As you travel down this path, investing in classes and field training, you’ll have a better grasp of what to expect in this field. Once you’ve invested some time into the basics of EMS, you’ll have to choose if you want to become an Emergency Medical Technician and eventually a Paramedic.

As an EMT or Paramedic, you are trained to respond to and address emergency medical situations. EMTs typically have varying responsibilities, depending on skill, experience, and job function. Paramedics have a higher level of training, and thus can take on more challenging situations, though they still rely on the EMTs to do their jobs properly.

With all of that being said, what are your prospects? Should you become an EMT, or should you choose to be a Paramedic?

Career Outlook

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for EMTs and paramedics are expected to grow by 23% through 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.” This means that you can expect to earn a place amongst your fellow EMS workers quickly! To enter the force as an EMT, you’ll need to complete the basic level training, and then you can begin working with a local company to get a full-time position. At this point, if you want to pursue further schooling, you can choose to become a Paramedic.

The average salary for an EMT is around $33,000, whereas the average salary for a Paramedic is around $55,000. Those numbers can vary dramatically depending on location, experience, and company. Some EMTs can make up to $50,000 or more, and some Paramedics make almost $70,000. However, that higher salary comes with a much longer investment into the field, so if you’re interested in joining the EMS field but aren’t sure if you want to pursue the career path to becoming a Paramedic, becoming an EMT is a great choice!

We need more EMS workers to support local communities and people across the nation. If you’re interested in an EMS career, the future’s looking bright! The potential for upward mobility and a solid salary is only increasing by the month, so if you’re interested in investing your time and energy into becoming an EMT or Paramedic, there’s never been a better time!

Making the Choice

Do you want to invest your time and energy into a rewarding, fulfilling career? As an EMS worker, you do more than respond to emergency calls or provide support. You create a positive, lasting impact on the community around you.

With so many career opportunities now is the time to become an EMS worker. Get paid to be a positive, caring person in your local community. There’s no higher calling. Contact our team at MedStar to learn how to get started on your new EMS career!


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