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10th Annual EMS Night at Mount Wachusett

image of Medstar staff standing in front of display table at EMS nightOn Thursday, May 23rd, we held our 10th annual EMS Night at Mount Wachusett. This event is dedicated to our hard-working EMS workers! Nick and Greg Melehov give out awards to honor our exceptional EMTs and paramedics. Just like last year, we wanted everyone to have a great time and enjoy the entertainment, so we had a number of exciting games, raffles, and rides to participate in!

We had a fantastic turnout this year, with a number of EMS workers and their families participating in the event and entertainment throughout the entire night! Nick and Greg Melehov handed out 22 Lifesaving awards and six Field Delivery awards to our fantastic team members in recognition of their hard work and dedication. We distribute these awards to new team members every year, so we make sure our teams are always honored and upheld. These awards don’t begin to cover how hard they work or what they accomplish, but it’s our way of showing them how much they mean to us.

In addition to the Lifesaving and Field Delivery awards, we recognized two of our employees for being named the Region Two Paramedic and Advanced EMT of the Year. These are fantastic, tough to achieve awards and we’re so proud of our team members for receiving them! We’re so proud of all the awards our team received and we look forward to handing out more next year!

In addition to awards, every year we strive to make the event bigger and better, and we definitely succeeded this year! Just like last year, we had fantastic food available for the whole family, a magic show for everyone to enjoy, and even rides on the ski lift! While the EMS business may be stressful, we work hard to ensure the EMS Night at the Mountain is always a fun time, whether you’re a family member or a vendor!

Some of our favorite vendors came out to show us what’s new in the business and give us awesome demonstrations of how these new products will impact the field in positive ways. They love coming to the event and always hand out fun shirts and other trinkets for the kids and families that attend. We love having them at the event and can’t wait to see what they bring next year!

On top of all of that, we handed out over 90 raffle prizes to everyone at the event! We had over 30 more raffle prizes than last year, so it was a great time for everyone! We handed out some cool gear, some great apparel, and a bunch of other fun stuff! We hope to have even more prizes next year!

Ultimately, the EMS Night at the Mountain is about celebrating our brave EMS workers and what they do for our community. They are the ones working hard to support our families and protect our communities.. Nicholas and Gregory Melehov work hard to make sure this event is a true celebration of our EMS workers every year, and we are excited to continue that tradition every year.

The 10th annual EMS Night at the Mountain was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what Nick and Greg come up with next year! We look forward to seeing you there!


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