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Making a Difference One Step at a Time

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We’re proud of Rick, Paul, Tammie, and Jenn for their participation in the Chelsea’s Run!

At MedStar we’re committed to working alongside our community to better the world around us. That’s why our teams participate in events like the Chelsea’s Run every year. This year was the third time the Chelsea’s Run was hosted, and we made sure we were there. Chelsea’s Run is an amazing run that takes all proceeds and donates them to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and we’re excited to support them!

Our owners, Nicholas and Gregory Melehov, always try to have our teams participate in events like these to support our local community. Our awesome team members Rick, Paul, Tammie, and Jenn did a fantastic job and we’re so proud of them!

The Run

To give you some quick background on Chelsea’s Run we’ve set aside this little section. The full name is Chelsea’s Keep Smiling Beautiful Walk/Run 5K. It’s been hosted by Donnelly’s Tavern and New England Timing for the past three years. Food, drinks, and entertainment are all provided, and there’s small cash prizes for the best runners! If you can make it next year we would love to have you there!

Supporting the Community

One of the biggest parts of working at MedStar is committing to supporting the community in and out of the uniform. No action is too simple or too great for our team to participate for the betterment of our community. Participating in Chelsea’s Run is one of the many ways Nick and Greg Melehov push our teams to support our communities. They want us to participate in every possible event for the betterment of our community and ourselves.

While the entire team can’t join for every single event, we know that every member of MedStar who participates is there to represent the entire company of MedStar. If only one team member is able to participate, they represent the desires and goals of the entire team. Nick and Greg work hard to support our communities on their own and through our team, and we’re proud of those who can support the community whenever possible.

Making a Difference

Simple actions like participating in a race or hosting a local event aren’t about creating a massive, community changing impact. They’re about impacting lives, one step at a time. If Nicholas and Gregory Melehov chose to only focus on large-scale events, MedStar wouldn’t be the community leader it is today.

That focus on the small, simple actions is what sets MedStar apart, both in and out of the ambulance. We want each person we interact with to know how much we care and leave a lasting impression on their life. As EMS workers our job is often to handle tough and dangerous situations, but events like the Chelsea’s Run are a great way to be involved in the community in a low stress situation.

Nick and Greg Melehov want the community to view MedStar as a supporter and friend. Whether that’s in the ambulance or during a fundraiser, we focus on giving our community the support and encouragement they need. We’re proud of Rick, Paul, Tammie, and Jenn for their participation in the Chelsea’s Run, and we can’t wait to get our team involved in more events in the community in the coming months!


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