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Our family taking care of yours: how the Melehov brothers Take Care of the Community

Medical care is all about taking care of the community. For the Melehov brothers, that mission comes first. They want to do more than just provide services to the greater Massachusetts area, they want to enrich the lives of everyone living nearby. Taking care of your neighbors means a lot more than just running a business—it’s a commitment to the community.

Whether you have needed a ride to the hospital or you have attended a MedStar sponsored event in Massachusetts, chances are you have met the Melehov brothers and their team. You know firsthand their attention to detail and the care they exhibit for each and every person. For the Melehovs, it is about more than just a brand name and good PR. It is about building a relationship with each and every member of their communities.

Community Outreach

You might have noticed a few events around town, either sponsored or hosted by MedStar. This is just one of the ways Greg and Nick Melehov want to give back to their communities. The events are typically themed around the services they provide, both to bring awareness to the field and to educate others about advances and positions within the emergency medical services field. The events are all about the families, both in the entertainment offered and the theme of the event.

For example, the 9th annual EMS Night at the Mountain took place recently. The event was dedicated to celebrating EMS workers and their families. It featured rides, raffles, food, and plenty of entertainment for everyone! They also sponsored the UMass Memorial Winter Ball Charity event last year. The event is dedicated to raising funds for medical programs in the greater Massachusetts area. The Melehov brothers managed to raise over $250,000 dollars for the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders for much needed research funds.

MedStar participates in and hosts these sorts of events every year. They are all about taking care of the most important part of communities—families. If you are an attendee or participant in some of these events, you know how important family is to Nicholas and Gregory Melehov.

Family First

Providing Emergency Medical Services to those in need is just one part of being an EMS worker. You need to be gentle and kind when assisting patients. It requires a caring heart to work in the field, and the Nick and Greg Melehov make sure that every employee under their tutelage will treat every patient as family. This means providing the same level of care and attention to every patient, regardless of the situation.

This goal is part of every event, service, and interaction the Nicholas and Gregory Melehov have with their community. They want each and every person they interact with to feel as loved and important as a family member. That is why they are so good at their jobs. Working in Emergency Medical Services can be demanding and grueling. For the Melehov brothers, it’s like taking care of family.

People First

How does this impact you? Nick and Greg Melehov care about each person in their community. Whether it is through a charity event, an ambulance ride, or a kind word, they want to make every person feels loved. If you need Emergency Medical Services, look no further than MedStar. If you want to host or participate in an event for medical workers or community outreach, the Melehov brothers will be right beside you. EMS is built upon the foundation of caring for others like family. Gregory and Nicholas Melehov take that message to heart.


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