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MedStar: Then vs Now

picture of an ambulanceWhen MedStar began it had one goal: provide the best quality care for our patients. That goal has never diminished or been put aside, no matter what. As advances in medical care and technology continue, that mission becomes not only easier, but safer. Current modern medicine has revolutionized the way we use our ambulances and changed MedStar for the better. We never lost sight of our goal, but we now have better tools to achieve it.

The Beginning

Emergency Medical Services began under a basic premise: transporting and caring for people in need of emergency care. That premise hasn’t changed, rather the advances in telemedicine and pre-hospital care have better prepared EMS workers for challenges they may encounter in the field. Even within the last decade, modern advances have allowed us to care for our patients like never before. Despite those advances, we had to start somewhere.

We began by focusing on providing medical services through ambulances to the surrounding communities. Our team used the best equipment we could afford at the time, and we took local and emergency calls within the area. Initially, our fleet was small and we didn’t have as many workers, so the number of calls we could respond to was limited. We knew we needed to use every tool at our disposal to grow and take care of our patients. Knowing this, we began investing in the future.

The Present

To Nicholas and Gregory Melehov, no investment is too expensive when it comes to our clients. Thanks to this commitment, our fleet utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible service for our patients. With power and bariatric stretchers, we can carry the patient without injuring them further. By using the latest available ventilators and cardiac monitors, we ensure that patients are taken care of upon arrival. For patients in multi-level facilities, we employ stair chairs to protect them in transit. Once they’re in the ambulance, top-of-the-line infusion pumps guarantee accuracy and safety when providing medication.

While technology is a serious part of our business, it pales in comparison to the necessity of inter-fleet correspondence. Communication between members of our fleet is aided by computer dispatch through multiple frequencies, allowing our teams to be connected at all times. Nick and Greg understand the importance of information, so an electronic patient care reporting system is mounted within every ambulance. This enables remote communication with hospitals as patients are in transit. With this system, we can access medical records, handle billing, and warn the hospital before we arrive at the destination.

The Journey

Between these two points is where Nicholas and Gregory brought our goals to life. While we do possess the most advanced equipment in the field, it means nothing without the development of our team. Ultimately, this equipment acts as a supplement to our skill and commitment. Since our founding by Gregory and Nicholas Melehov, we have advanced one patient at a time. We learned new skills, brought on new hires, and developed our business through compassion and care.

We express those emotions by taking care of our community at all times of the day. Ever since the beginning, we’ve asked ourselves, “Are we still following our goals?” The technology has changed, but our goals have not. No matter how far we come, that goal is at the center of every service we provide, every patient we assist, and every class we teach. With Greg and Nick at the helm, we’re confident that MedStar will continue to be a leader in medical services across Massachusetts.


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