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How MedStar Gives Back to the Community

As an ambulance service, we are the helping hand in times of need. When you need us, we’re there. But as people, we want to give back to our community. We want the people we train and serve to remember us and what we do. Nicholas and Gregory Melehov run this business on an ideal: giving back. The community and its people are more than just patients, and far more than customers. They’re the lifeblood of MedStar, and the reason our workers get up every morning. In the simplest of trips that ideal lives on. It is because of the community we serve that we are able to provide medical services.

So how does MedStar give back?

Through the people we train

Our legacy and our work lives on through those we train. This is why Greg Melehov and Nick Melehov place such an emphasis on how they train their employees. If you read our blog on 5 Reasons to Work for MedStar, we emphasize the experience and knowledge our employees receive. Not only do they leave our service as better workers, but they apply that experience elsewhere.

Most workers, in any field, draw on a variety of experiences to apply in their job. While they may have knowledge predominantly in one particular field, small reservoirs of knowledge in other disciplines provide a broad base upon which to draw. This knowledge base empowers them to make better decisions in other fields, like fire protection and rescue, or law enforcement.

With the knowledge acquired from emergency services, these workers stand a better chance of saving lives.

Through the patients we serve

On December 2nd, 2006, one of our teams responded to assist with a motor vehicle accident where all parties suffered critical injuries. Not only was this team able to extract the drivers, but we were able to provide life-saving medical care. This is just one example of many where our workers assisted in life-threatening situations. For the Melehov brothers, emergency situations are only part of the picture. We assist patients who just need transportation with a loving hand and a comfortable ride. In each and every case, our workers provided the best possible care.

Through the lives we touch

Why does this matter? It matters because those patients, those lives our teams touched, they are a part of this community. Their existence, their knowledge, and their desires all touch those around them. Their lives touch others, and they in turn assist others. Something as small as provided a short ride to an elderly patient with bone cancer impacts her entire family. We want that interaction, that life we touched, to be a moment of happiness and clarity. For our owners, Nick and Greg Melehov, this is the most important aspect of our business.

It’s a cycle Gregory and Nicholas Melehov are proud to be a part of, no matter how small. Without our community we would have no one to serve, no one to save. We each give back to one another, not because we have to, but because that is the nature of our business. At MedStar, we care about every patient, every worker, and every person we come into contact with. The lives we touch mean more than just a momentary interaction. They impact our workers as much as we impact them. We give back to our community through the lives we save, and they give back to us.


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