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5 Reasons to Work for a Private Ambulance Company

It’s no secret that private ambulance companies offer a different experience to employees than their public hospital counterparts. While working for either provides different challenges and opportunities, a private ambulance company is an overall better fit for those looking for a broader experience. With that said, here are 5 reasons to work for a private ambulance company.

  1. Experience

We don’t just mean work experience. Private ambulance companies are more likely to take on fresher recruits, which means it’s easier to gain experience to become an EMS. For many medical service workers, it can be difficult to gain entry into the field. A private ambulance company provides the perfect springboard for launching into a new career, whether that be as an EMT or another discipline.

Additionally, private ambulance companies, like MedStar, provide hands-on valuable experience for new employees. They want to ensure all new recruits are properly trained and taken care of to ensure their skills are up to par.

  1. Variety

Many private services contract with the state to handle local emergencies. However, many don’t. This is entirely up to the location of the service. That being said, whether or not the private service has a contract for 911 service calls, working for a private ambulance company is by no means boring. Every trip is for a different patient with different needs, and if the company has a 911 contract, there will be emergencies mixed in with the daily trips. Ultimately, there’s a wide variety of situations every day, so no two workdays are the same.

  1. Impact

As an EMS worker, you’re provided the opportunity to have a lasting impact on a person’s life—potentially even saving it. That impact leaves a lasting impression on you and your patients. It may seem like a trivial job benefit, but in the long run it means far more than a chance encounter. As a private ambulance worker, you get to interact with patients of all ages and conditions. You can talk with them, encourage them, and improve their lives with a simple conversation. Unlike a public service, many private service patients aren’t facing life threatening conditions, so you have time to engage with them on a far deeper emotional level.

  1. Knowledge

Much like experience, knowledge is hard to come by. Even with proper training and education, it can be difficult for EMS workers to remember every bit of information needed to pass testing and take care of patients. That’s why it’s important to spend time getting hands on training with a private ambulance service. Not only do we ensure every single one of our employees is equipped to handle the challenges of working as an EMS worker, but we provide in depth training and education for those challenges. The knowledge we impart to you will assist you throughout your career as an EMS worker.

  1. Time

As a private service, we don’t demand excruciating hours to keep up with customer demand. Most of our patients need service during daylight hours, and if we do have a contract with emergency services, such situations don’t occur very often. As such this gives our employees more time to focus on education and training, and allows them to learn on the job in a controlled environment. It also means that our schedules aren’t quite as hectic as other emergency services, so we can keep a healthy work life balance.

Obviously, job benefits and pay are discussed between employer and employee, so they aren’t considered as part of this list. However, these five benefits carry as much weight as any monetary compensation might, and afford anyone who wants to work with a private ambulance service as an EMS the opportunity to have an impact on their own lives, as well as their patients.


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