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What makes MedStar an award-winning ambulance company

There are lots of privately owned ambulance companies out there serving communities and their residents with good medical transport and emergency medical care service, but to rise above merely good to something more requires a special dedication to quality care, ultra-reliable service, and advanced technology and training.

MedStar owners, Nicholas Melehov and Gregory Melehov, learned this early on in their growth and management of MedStar. Starting with just three employees and a single ambulance almost twenty years ago, MedStar has since grown under the close care of Nick Melehov and Greg Melehov into the area’s leading ambulance company with 400 employees, 12 locations, and 100 ambulance and advanced life support vehicles serving the communities and healthcare facilities of Central and Western Massachusetts.

In fact, we know of no other ambulance service in the region as well-equipped with the latest emergency care and communications technology as MedStar. Our ambulance service has state-of-the-art equipment, including power stretchers, to ensure patient comfort and safety. All our ambulances have wi-fi connectivity and paperless, secure electronic record-keeping to protect patients’ privacy and provide seamless, efficient, and accurate medical information transfers to physicians and healthcare facilities.

As a result of this kind of dedication, professionalism, and leading edge medical technology and care, MedStar was named greater Central Massachusetts Business of the Year in 2010. The annual prestigious award is given every year in recognition of the passion, vision and commitment of entrepreneurial and community-minded individuals and companies such as Nick Melehov, Greg Melehov and MedStar.

We are honored and humbled to have been recognized in such a highly-respected way. It has served to spur us on to even greater levels of personal patient care and professionalism.


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