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The difference between nationally and locally-owned ambulance services

picture of an ambulanceChances are good you’ve probably never thought about who owns your ambulance service, but you should. Like any business, who owns it can make a good deal of difference in the service – or in this case, the care – you receive.

Just like many industries and businesses, ambulance services have a wide range of operation types and can be nationally or locally owned. Some are not even based in the United States. If you are a healthcare facility owner/operator or a community emergency services director looking to partner with an ambulance service it’s helpful to know the difference a locally-owned service makes.

Locally-owned and operated ambulance companies such as MedStar are fully-committed members of the communities they serve. And while the owners of MedStar began their careers in emergency medical services working for a national company, they started their own local ambulance company after experiencing the “big business” attitude and impersonal touch associated with a large, national firm.

They saw the need for a local, community-based company where the patients and employees are more than just numbers, they’re family. For over 17 years now, the MedStar family has remained a locally owned and operated business, always maintaining the philosophy that knowing your patients and your employees — as well as being an active part of the community — will always be a better approach to providing the highest level of service and care. Unlike some of the other ambulance companies in Massachusetts, you’ll always be more than just a number to us.


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