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The Best Emergency Response Times in Massachusetts

Best Emergency Response Times in Massachusetts

Response time for emergency medical responders such as EMTs and paramedics is a major focus for emergency care companies and their employees who are committed to serving the public and saving lives.

While there are no federal laws regarding emergency medical response times, since the 1970s, the gold standard for determining the quality of an EMS system has been to arrive within eight minutes 90 percent of the time. Here at MedStar, we’re proud to be able to claim typical response times that are significantly better than that – in Fitchburg, our emergency medical personnel are on the scene in less than five minutes after dispatch. In Gardner, response time is typically cut to an average of a mere three minutes.

How do we do it?

We start by strategically locating our ambulances in the various fire stations around the cities. When someone calls 911 with a medical emergency in Gardner or Fitchburg, our crews and ambulances are rolling within just a minute or two. We’re able to maintain these rapid response times with rigorous, ongoing training and employees dedicated to adhering to our high established performance standards.

In short, we’re able to consistently turn in remarkable response times – the best in the state — because our team truly cares about our patients and is committed to setting the bar high for level of care and how quickly and efficiently we can deliver it.

But response time isn’t only about emergency care. It extends to regular medical transportation services as well. We believe that all patients, their families, and their caregivers deserve respect. That’s why we respond to every appointment call promptly and professionally. We take pride in transporting patients on time, with care and consideration.

We’re a local business and our employees and their families typically live in the areas we serve. When new employees join our team, they commit to providing the same level of high-quality service and professionalism they would want for themselves and their own families.


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