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Training you in the New Year to Save Lives

Training you in the New Year to Save Lives2019 is a great time for aspiring medical service workers to begin training. For those interested in furthering their career there’s never been a better time. There are a variety of resources for aspiring medical service workers to use, and each one will provide valuable information and experience. Whether you’re a veteran or a merely interested in joining the industry, we’re here to help set you on the right path.

Hands-On Experience

The best way to learn more about what’s involved in the medical service industry is to handle it yourself. While visuals and online resources are a great tool for learning about what is involved in these emergency situations, having hands-on experience will help potential candidates to decide if they want to join the industry.

To assist you, MedStar provides hands-on training and support for emergency medical services positions you might be interested in. This includes field training, education, a support team, and more. MedStar treats every employee, veteran or new hire, with the same level of care and respect. We will teach you the ropes and break down each part of your role as an emergency services worker.

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So you want to drive an Emergency Vehicle?

picture of ambulance drivers in front of ambulanceA lot of people are fascinated with emergency vehicles. As children we often dream of being firefighters and driving the big, loud fire truck. That’s not just a dream though. Many children grow up to be firefighters, ambulance drivers, and more. Learning to drive an emergency vehicle is a skill all to itself, and if you’ve thought about wanting to become an emergency driver, we’ve got a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Physical Ability

Just like normal driving tests, your ability to operate an emergency vehicle will be determined by your physical condition. You need to be able to see, understand, and react to obstacles on the road without endangering your passengers or other drivers on the road. In order to meet these qualifications, you will need to pass physical tests to ensure you are not in any way physically impaired.

Physical impairment could fall under bad vision, weak muscle control, inability to focus, slow response times, and more. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of the physical condition you need to be in to operate an emergency vehicle. If you feel that you don’t meet some of these conditions or might have difficulty operating an emergency vehicle, consider consulting a qualified trainer for the best next step.

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Family Owned, People Driven: Why MedStar is the best ambulance service in the area

When people think of an ambulance, they think of danger and worry. They think of pain and suffering. While those emotions may represent some of the events that happen in an ambulance, many people experience feelings of joy, safety, and comfort because of the brave people who drive and work in that ambulance. That feeling of safety is what MedStar strives to create. We want those we serve to know that they’re in good hands, and they have no need to worry.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being the best, not just in service, but in customer satisfaction and safety. Our teams work hard to make sure that we create that feeling of safety and security on every single ambulance ride, no matter how long or short it may be. We believe that being the best includes making sure every person we service walks away feeling like they were taken care of to the best of our ability.

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Do You Have the Heart to Serve Others?

Detail of EMT worker measuring pulse on senior woman patient in ambulanceEvery job has the opportunity to serve the community in some small form. Some jobs more so than others. These special jobs demand a certain kind of person, a certain caring heart. Giving back to the community creates a special bond between all people living there, and it is a great way to learn more about others to better serve them. Finding a job that fulfills this desire can be difficult. For those who want to make a permanent, lasting impact on their communities, medical services is a wonderful choice.

Medical services is a perfect field for someone who wants to serve others. Not only can you give back to the community, but you can take care of the people who live alongside you every day. It is a great way to take care of everyone around you and make an important impact on their life. Serving others is a daily calling, not a job related task. When you serve others, in any capacity, you change their life for the better. When you serve others in medical services, you have the opportunity to save their life or alter how they view the world. It is a very high calling.

Medical services aren’t necessarily boring either. Jobs like ambulance deployment, first responder, paramedic, and emergency/hospital driver present new challenges every day. For someone who wants to give back this is the dream come true. You can serve the community while simultaneously learning more about them and yourself. You can become an important member of the community by serving it and taking care of its citizens. You can learn something new about yourself and your fellow neighbors every day.

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Our family taking care of yours: how the Melehov brothers Take Care of the Community

Medical care is all about taking care of the community. For the Melehov brothers, that mission comes first. They want to do more than just provide services to the greater Massachusetts area, they want to enrich the lives of everyone living nearby. Taking care of your neighbors means a lot more than just running a business—it’s a commitment to the community.

Whether you have needed a ride to the hospital or you have attended a MedStar sponsored event in Massachusetts, chances are you have met the Melehov brothers and their team. You know firsthand their attention to detail and the care they exhibit for each and every person. For the Melehovs, it is about more than just a brand name and good PR. It is about building a relationship with each and every member of their communities.

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How Do I Get Started Working for an Ambulance Service?

How Do I Get Started Working for an Ambulance Service? Working with an ambulance service to save lives is a high calling, and not one many undertake. While there are several types of ambulance workers and other emergency service workers, each one follows a similar pattern of education to work in the field. Education is crucial to working in emergency medical services, so it shouldn’t be neglected.


The admission requirements for an EMT-Basic program are simple. Potential recruits need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Depending on the program, there may be other requirements, like physical and mental tests, as well as background checks, drug tests, and up-to-date immunizations.

Potential applicants should also have problem-solving and communication skills, as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure. Physical dexterity and attention to detail are incredibly important, as small mistakes can be disastrous. If a candidate meets all of these requirements, they shouldn’t have too many issues getting accepted into a program.

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9th Annual EMS Night at the Mountain

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, MedStar hosted it’s 9th annual “EMS Night at the Mountain” event at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton MA. This is an event dedicated to celebrating EMS workers and their families for their hard work. The event is focused around fun and entertainment, so it’s a great evening for everyone involved!

This year’s event was a huge success, with over 40 lifesaver awards and 6 field delivery awards given out to recipients. Each year we seek to increase the size of the event to honor our emergency service workers for the hard work and dedication they show in the field. These awards cannot truly express our gratitude to them for everything they do, but it’s a small way in which we strive to give back to them.

Every year our Director of Support Services, Joe D’Arcangelo, strives to make the event bigger and feature more ways to appreciate our employees. Our goal each year is to not only outdo ourselves on awards given but to provide an evening of fun and relaxation for our fellow EMS workers and their families.

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MedStar: Then vs Now

picture of an ambulanceWhen MedStar began it had one goal: provide the best quality care for our patients. That goal has never diminished or been put aside, no matter what. As advances in medical care and technology continue, that mission becomes not only easier, but safer. Current modern medicine has revolutionized the way we use our ambulances and changed MedStar for the better. We never lost sight of our goal, but we now have better tools to achieve it.

The Beginning

Emergency Medical Services began under a basic premise: transporting and caring for people in need of emergency care. That premise hasn’t changed, rather the advances in telemedicine and pre-hospital care have better prepared EMS workers for challenges they may encounter in the field. Even within the last decade, modern advances have allowed us to care for our patients like never before. Despite those advances, we had to start somewhere.

We began by focusing on providing medical services through ambulances to the surrounding communities. Our team used the best equipment we could afford at the time, and we took local and emergency calls within the area. Initially, our fleet was small and we didn’t have as many workers, so the number of calls we could respond to was limited. We knew we needed to use every tool at our disposal to grow and take care of our patients. Knowing this, we began investing in the future.

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How MedStar Gives Back to the Community

As an ambulance service, we are the helping hand in times of need. When you need us, we’re there. But as people, we want to give back to our community. We want the people we train and serve to remember us and what we do. Nicholas and Gregory Melehov run this business on an ideal: giving back. The community and its people are more than just patients, and far more than customers. They’re the lifeblood of MedStar, and the reason our workers get up every morning. In the simplest of trips that ideal lives on. It is because of the community we serve that we are able to provide medical services.

So how does MedStar give back?

Through the people we train

Our legacy and our work lives on through those we train. This is why Greg Melehov and Nick Melehov place such an emphasis on how they train their employees. If you read our blog on 5 Reasons to Work for MedStar, we emphasize the experience and knowledge our employees receive. Not only do they leave our service as better workers, but they apply that experience elsewhere.

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5 Reasons to Work for a Private Ambulance Company

It’s no secret that private ambulance companies offer a different experience to employees than their public hospital counterparts. While working for either provides different challenges and opportunities, a private ambulance company is an overall better fit for those looking for a broader experience. With that said, here are 5 reasons to work for a private ambulance company.

  1. Experience

We don’t just mean work experience. Private ambulance companies are more likely to take on fresher recruits, which means it’s easier to gain experience to become an EMS. For many medical service workers, it can be difficult to gain entry into the field. A private ambulance company provides the perfect springboard for launching into a new career, whether that be as an EMT or another discipline.

Additionally, private ambulance companies, like MedStar, provide hands-on valuable experience for new employees. They want to ensure all new recruits are properly trained and taken care of to ensure their skills are up to par.

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